The only person you are destined
to become is the person you decide
to be.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sleepy's OC. Do not use without permission, and edit only when necessary.
Art Credit sleepy
Background Info
Creator sleepy
Main Attribute jaunty
Elemental Attribute lead
Theme Animal peacock spider
Theme Color lilac
Theme Song midnight - caravan palace
MBTI Personality esfj-a
Character Info
Age 29 (human)
14 (dragon)
Gender male
Orientation biro/ace
Occupation actor/dancer
Tribe DeathWing
Goal already accomplished; it was to discover and follow his true dreams
Residence an apartment in some city
Relatives mother and father
Likes recognition, socialization, hanging out with his buds
Diskikes prejudice
Powers and abilities sicknasty dance moves that's a power right
Weapons negotiation over fighting
Ships none as of yet
Quote his best imitation of you


"Oh, behold — I, the most ordinary DeathWing you could meet!"



Limbo is a dragon of a very normal build and stature. Years of book study and desk sitting hasn’t done him much, but his dance practice has earned him a rather lithe frame.

His main scales are a dark, diluted lilac, borderline grey. His underscales and horns are a much lighter hue, and his eyes are a steely flint. His toothy skull mask is an off-white cream colour and has many scratches and small indents on its surface.

Limbo normally wears an ash-blue suit and fedora with a white collar shirt and loose tie underneath. When he works at his other job (a pizza parlor), he exchanges the classy outfit for something more casual: a simple t-shirt and jeans. Colder weather calls for a scarf or a sweater, but other than that he's comfortable with the way he dresses.


"Staying true to yourself is always a good idea. I think."



Limbo is a very social and charismatic dragon with a charming, easygoing personality. He does his best to make sure his friends are happy, and likes attending gatherings and parties where he can find time to chat and laugh with everyone.

He knows there will be hate accompanying his newfound popularity as an actor, and tries to stay optimistic and positive despite the harsh words directed at him. Criticism is not a new concept to him, but the fact that dragons are actually publishing articles pointing out his flaws is rather hurtful.

He knows that hate leads to fighting, and would much rather use negotiation than combat to resolve conflicts. He's a pretty peaceful and chill guy, and has learned to keep his emotions under control to avoid disputes caused by a slip of the lips.

He does not care much for money, as long as he can support himself. After all, there are dragons out there that need it more than him. Growing up in a rich family, he saw just how much others were suffering, a stark contrast to his easy life. He routinely donates to charities and support foundations, and tries his best to financially help struggling families and the homeless. He's not made of gold though, and is dismayed at the number of destitute dragons there are.

In the past, there had been conspiracies about him manipulating others with his quick wit and silver tongue, but they were proven false and the media has now accepted his just very likable nature. Not all DeathWings play mind games.


"Alright, who wants to hear my life story? Gather 'round, gather 'round..."



Limbo was born an only child into a wealthy DeathWing family, their expectations high as they are rich. At a very early age, he showed signs of great intelligence and a fascination for life sciences and biology. His parents noticed this and had an increasing interest in their son’s strange behaviour, sending him to a science program on top of his school education. He culminated the academic program early, further impressing his family with his intellectual ability. Over the next several years, his fascination for biology turned to anatomy, cytology, and then finally focused onto histology. Knowing that their son could earn them a lot of money if he continued down this path, his family coaxed him into pursuing a medical career, telling him fate had it that he would become well respected and renowned scientist in the future. Although this was his passion, he could not help but notice how bland life was, and craved more. Excitement, fame, joy, and perhaps even true love, like in the movies…?

Elementary school was a breeze, but was also extremely boring, fueling his longing for something different. He got consistent 4s on his grading card, hoping to make his parents proud. Middle school was about the same, all A’s but one B (which was in PE; he once filled in the answers to a test with 90’s slang just for kicks and giggles. Got all the questions wrong, and got more points knocked off for plain stupidity. Was worth it for the laughs he and his friends had, though). His parents frowned upon the action but eventually let it go. Dragonets will be dragonets.

Limbo’s parents pressured him to begin additional courses on microanatomy when he began high school which he, as with his past schools, excelled in. He frequently visited libraries, each time returning to the mundane grey of his life with textbooks piling high in his arms. But paper and parchment wasn't enough; he would need the experience provided by years of college and medical school in order to achieve his lifelong goal, one he was destined to complete. After all, wasn’t that what mother and father said?

It was during his sophomore year when one of his friends gifted him a book about performing arts and acting, as Limbo always had a knack for expressing himself. When he returned home from school, his parents discovered the book and took it away from him, scolding him for being ‘distracted’.

The loss of the book compelled him more than ever to learn the art of theatre and dancing. During this time he, as with many teens his age, was already rather rebellious and distant, so to sate his curiosity he went against his parents’ wishes. He smuggled dancing and acting books in with his textbooks as to avoid drawing attention, and performed in his room secretly. He combined many dancing styles such as swing and hip hop to create his own.

For the next few years of high school, he took theatre as his elective (despite his parent's pleading) and continued succeeding through. He graduated with a very high GPA and appealed to many universities, and would continue to go deeper into the forest of science and medicine had he not realize his true dreams. For the next few years, he went to and from many theatre-drama schools and competed in several dancing events, winning some and not others. This pushed him to do better and become the star he's wanted to be since childhood. He and his family grew more distant and ceased contact, whether it be because they were displeased with him or if it was just a part of becoming an adult.

Of course, he needed to support himself, so he worked in a pizza parlor. One Friday during his lunch break, a director that just so happened to come by spotted him fooling around and imitating his friends. The director needed actors for his movie and deciding that Limbo was good enough, asked him for an interview.

Limbo nailed the interview and was immediately put into the movie cast, and at that moment he knew he had infiltrated the world of acting and had planned to stay.

On his spare time, he enjoys participating in social events and dance competitions. He still works at the pizza parlor to this day, despite having the money to quite leisurely.