Leviathan is a 36 (human years) old SeaWing who is in the fic Wings of Fire: Mystery Light.


Leviathan had a hard life.

He was born without a mother. Leviathan's mother was a soldier, and died in combat for her family. Leviathan was hatched, hating SkyWings. His father, however, loved him very much. His brothers and sisters were older then him. They helped raise him.

One day, His father was killed when he was out looking for prey, but he encountered a MudWing soldier, and the MudWing killed his father. His brothers and sisters were forced in a adoption home. Soon after they joined. They were adopted into a family of caring SeaWings.

The couple was forced to give them up after a SkyWing raid came. They risked Leviathan's and his sibling's life for their own. His siblings died fighting to save Leviathan.


Leviathan may seem to not care, but he is loving. He cares for others, not wanting them to experience the pain he did.


Leviathan's scales are SeaWeed green. His light up scales are mint green, and his underbelly is Sea green. His eyes are a light orange.

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