"I know you want it~"

A tall MudWing with blue-green scales that gleam like polished sapphires and emeralds, wings and body covered in glow in the dark scales that weakly glow pale yellow. His eyes are dark green and he wears pale yellow pearls, draped around his neck. He is one of the most stunning hybrids you have ever met, with a long MudWing tail and cream colored webbing in his talons and on his back.

And he knows it. He tries to always look his best no matter what he does. It's partially out of arrogance, but he also just really wants to be payed attention to.


"What can't I do?"

And he is a true master of the deep. He can breathe in the water, see in the dark, go through mud and ocean, hold his breath, ram boulders with his strength, and flash his scales slightly.

He can't breathe fire, will never have magic, and will burn easily. He also can't use his MudWing tail to fight very well. But it doesn't really matter when he can do so many other things anyway.


"At the end of the day, I'm amazing. Totally all you need to know."

He has a small and unimportant past that he'd rather forget.

Leviathan was born to two simple commoners: A MudWing and a SeaWing.

They met after the war was over in a tavern, and hit it off right away.

Drizzle loved being around Caiman whenever she could. And Caiman thought Drizzle was the prettiest thing that he had ever seen.

They fell in love on a moonlit night, walking down the bayou to look out over the lake. The fireflies were flashing, and Drizzle finally got the courage to confess her feelings.

She was so thrilled to find out that he felt the same.

They traveled down the river to make a humble home made of logs. Every day, they would wake up and live simply together, fishing and hunting, cooking and laughing.

Caiman was so happy when Drizzle told him that they were going to have a dragonet.

Leviathan was born not to long after they had settled down, and he was raised like a frontier dragon.

He learned how to cook, and to clean, and to catch tough animals. He even took down crocodiles after his dad taught him.

But he wasn't satisfied.

How could his parents just sit there and be happy about being in one place? What about what he wanted to do?

The frontier was fine, but after years of living the same way, Leviathan found it boring. He wanted to do something important for once. See the queens, and the world.

So he ran away.

As a stupid dragonet, he never realized that he had everything.

He ran away from the MudWing kingdom and flew straight east for hours. When he tired, he alighted down underneath trees to rest, when he was hungry, he hunted for himself and chased prey.

Soon, he finally reached this strange beachy place.

Turned out it was the Bay of a Thousand Scales.

He flopped down onto the soft sand, realizing that further out he could see a port town, full of lights and shouting.

Leviathan flew in there just to find a bunch of dragons having a party.

They were dancing merrily and talking to one another. Most of them were wearing a little jewelry and enjoying the night.

He crept into the town and limped out of an alley to the main square where the party was.

"Oh!" A pale purple SeaWing cried, "What a poor dragonet."

He hadn't ate much since leaving his parents, so it was easy enough to pretend he was poor to her.

"Miss," he coughed, "I haven't ate in ages. I'm so hungry."

She clucked sympathetically and ordered her dance partner, "Go and get this orphan some food."

He looked unhappy but slithered off to get him some fish to eat.

She leaned down a little bit, and he could smell the perfume on her, "Poor thing. Would you like a gift?"

He blinked, making his eyes wide and innocent.

She unclasped the pale yellow pearls she was wearing and gently wrapped around his neck. He registered how softly she did it, like she was afraid of hurting him.

"There," she whispered happily, clapping her talons together.

"I like them." He said, brushing a claw over the rounded pearls.

At that moment, her partner stomped back over with a plate of food, and dumped it at Leviathan's feet.

"I don't know why you're trusting a streetrat Alabaster. They give you big eyes, take your gifts, and kill you after that to take your riches." The pale green dragon snorted.

"I trust him, because his eyes are telling the story. He looks like he's gone through horrible things. He's part MudWing after all."

Leviathan silently ate the food, watching as the pretty dragon sorted out her overwhelming and negative mate.

"I'm going to adopt him!" she cried suddenly, spreading her wings.

Leviathan let himself slowly smile, like this was the best news he had heard all day. He was surprised that there was a dragon that kind and that gullible that hadn't been killed.

"I don't want him! What about our dragonets? Once they're here, we won't have the time or the coin for housing a runt."

Leviathan pretended to sniffle, "But sir, without this I'll have no home. I'll starve again out on the streets and I could die!"

Alabaster had a stern face, "We're taking him, you silly lobster. Otter! He's going to be our son!"

There were tons of pros of being the son of a rich couple.

1) everyone knows your name in the town, good or bad

Whenever he walked around, dragons would either greet him or throw him dirty looks. He didn't mind. He was richer than them anyway, all because he was smart.

2) You get almost whatever you want

His mother doted on him with care, and told him that he was the best dragon in the world. To the despair of the town, he grew to truly believe that he was better than other dragons.

Whenever he asked for jewelry, a new weapon, or something new he loved after seeing it in a shop window, he would get it right then.

This made him almost covered in jewelry from head to toe, from his emerald piercings in his ears to the treasured pearls around his neck.

3) More friends

It was easy for him to make friends. First, he asked them for a favor and the next second they would be at his feet. Pretty simple.

Then, all he had to do was say that he was going to repay their kindness with something of his own. He'd give them one of his old pieces of jewelry or a rusted but good quality dagger, and then they would love him.

Having a bunch of friends was great for plans. All he had to do was ask a dragon to do something for him, and they would do it.

4) Lots of love

But the best part of being rich and admired was the suitors that went with it. It was easy enough for him to learn to charm them. Dragons loved compliments, being touched, and confidence.

He could give them all three easily. He never dated any dragon seriously, but instead had fun playing all of them without the others knowing. The best part was when they would fight with each other and think that the others were to blame.

One time, there was a particularly nasty fight between an animus visitor, a SeaWing-NightWing, and one of his supporters over how handsome he was.

He watched from the sidelines, but didn't reveal that he was there, so he could spy.

The SeaWing-NightWing seemed to be fed up about something. He didn't like how her face was all glowery and stressed. She shouted something about dragons these days being scum, and he was proud to see one of his suitors, Yangstze, fire back at her.

He yelled something about how he was benevolent and kind and BLAH BLAH BLAH.

He was glad to see the upset hybrid fly off. What was the point of being mad?

5) Good Aquatic tutor

The other best part was being one of the only hybrids truly able to speak Aquatic. It was a hard language, and he was sure if he stayed in the Mud Kingdom he never would've learned it.

The moment Alabaster learned he couldn't speak it, she hired him a traveling tutor to teach him. Seal was plenty nervous, but he was good enough for telling him how to say everything important. He was happy to see the nervous dragon out of his life, and then he could flirt with SeaWings even better since he could speak secretly to them.

6) Get to do whatever you want as a hobby

Check one: Make the whole world in love with him

Check two: become a weight-lifting star

To become even stronger than he was before, Leviathan asked Alabaster to give him enough coin to hire a trainer. If he had muscles, he would be healthy, fit, and even more attractive. She did gladly, and for months he trained with a hybrid a lot like himself named Booby.

That's right.

There was nothing that the MudWing-SeaWing hated more than his name. His trainer asked his recruits to call him Petrel instead, but they would all call him Booby under their breath.

But, he was a good teacher and helped him become good at weight-lifting, but also pushed him to run as well. Petrel would say, "You should be strong and fast. Being strong is useless if you aren't fast enough to catch your foe."

After months, and a lot of struggling not to drop being a runner, Leviathan became much stronger and faster. It's now something else that he's really proud of.

Leviathan now is one of those Pyrrhian travelers. He'll go to his town again sometime, but wants to sweep all dragons off their feet before he does.

And there was no better way he could think of than traveling.

Whenever he sees an athletic competition, he's all in. He does the weight-lifting and wins on the track. He even got a trophy multiple times.

So if you see him, make sure to try not to be too stunned.

No need to make him even more self-centered.