LeafWing Sigil

Description: thin and small build; long spindly branch horns; large heads; short legs; flat, short tails; bright green vessels going through wings; change color with the seasons

Abilities: tail spine; sticky spit; photosynthesize

Location: near northern part of the rainforest; around the scavenger den

Queen (Canon Timeline): Queen Redwood

Diet: plants


LeafWings are a tribe created by Tundra and Luckybird, and free to be used.


Lithe, thin, and much smaller than a normal dragon, LeafWings are confused with the more well-known Rainwings due to their somewhat similar body shape. However, this is the only thing that a dragon could possibly confuse.

They have long, spindly horns that gather at the back of their neck, going down to the nape. These horns are in no way like IceWing horns, as these resemble sticks more than horns, crooked and twisted, branching off sometimes. Their bodies are rather disproportional, having large heads, stout legs, and flat short tails. Their scales are softer, not really good for protection but allows a greater range of movement.

The most remarkable part of them would probably be their wings. Much smaller than a normal dragon’s, they are rather thick and have a network of bright green vessels going through them that are unheard of in a normal dragon. They are only good for short flights, or excessive gliding, causing these dragons to have an extremely hard time flying.

It has been observed that their scale colors have a direct relationship with the seasons, the average temperature, and the hours of light, much like that of a leaf. If there is extended periods of cloud cover, it can drop from green to yellow. This change is most prevalent during the colder seasons. In the middle of autumn, they start changing to yellow, eventually reaching red and brown in the winter. In especially cold weather, they can even turn grey or white. However, the likelihood is rare that they would get the white coloring, as their home is temperate year-round.

Some dragons have those colors throughout the year, though it isn't very common. These aftereffects of lasting coloration usually disappear over a year, slowly fading back to green that is common in the tribe. However, despite this, there is also a fair amount of LeafWings that will have this sort of coloring all throughout their lives, or at least much longer than expected. This usually happens if a hatchling comes out of the egg with this coloring or if it happens in a dragonet’s early childhood. It can also happen to older dragons if they go through a stressful situation.

In bright sunlight, their scales turn darker green. This color is a signal of good health, while early transformations to the winter coloration is an indication of bad luck and sickness.

All LeafWings have thin spines that run down their back, sticking up straight like they were pine needles. The color of these spines maintain the green that is a signal for health.

A common illness is blue-scale, where a dragon’s scales turn a blue-green. This can lead to certain disease and a lasting cough, as well as stiffer scales that restrict movement. It usually goes away after a few weeks, though in young dragonets it can sometimes be fatal. It is also unable to be transferable, and the only way to get it is through long durations of colder weather.


Although not the most evolutionary advanced dragons in Pyrrhia, LeafWings possess a fair amount of natural defenses.

All LeafWings have a spine on the end of their tail that is incredibly sharp, able to pierce scales and armor with relative ease in comparison to claws or teeth. This long, thin spine is good for attacks on prey animals or surprise attacks on intruders. However, in the long run, it honestly isn't too effective unless it hits something vital.

They have rather small claws, hooked to hold onto branches with ease and yet not entirely useful in a fight.

However, their greatest weapon happens to be their spit, which over time congeals and becomes incredibly sticky. That means that while it is useful for traps, it cannot be used in a quick circumstance, such as a battle.

Many a dragon has been caught in these traps, and they are almost impossible to escape alone. Since they are quite impervious to fire and frost breath alike, it can be a hassle if so much as a claw is stuck in this sticky substance.

This spit forms a few years after a dragonet is born, leading to an awkward stage of the dragonet drooling almost constantly. Although it is natural, it can be a fright to new parents. After about a month, it is developed, and the dragonet can begin to control it.

LeafWings are rather special because of the fact that they can fully photosynthesize. By spending a few hours each day in the sunlight, they have no need to catch prey. However, they have the option to do so, in case of times of darkness, such as in winter or during a long rainstorm. However, these heterotrophic behaviors tend to energize them a lot less efficiently, and they are noticeably sluggish.

Females are usually smaller in stance than males, with slightly larger eyes, and longer, thinner claws to allow manipulation of materials to be easily done. A male’s tail-spear is also longer and sharper, though a female’s is tougher.


Under the rule of Queen Redwood and King Oakland, the LeafWing tribe has a mostly peaceful society. Discovering that in order to keep the tribe in one piece and defended against their fellow dragons, most if not all internal conflicts have been resolved. Trade and commerce is held in locations that aren't too overcrowded. Homes are close to each other, in order to allow better relationships between neighbors that other tribes fail to have.

At the very center of the territory that the LeafWings inhabit, the palace where the royal family lives is found. It is among the most highly guarded area on Pyrrhia, while maintaining the miracle of architecture that rivals the SeaWing palaces and keeping it completely hidden.

The princesses of the royal family are kept with a high guard at almost all times, and both princes and princesses are taught in all kinds of disciplines around the kingdom. This is to ensure the chaos that ensued with the SandWing World War when there was three unavailable princesses and no other available ever occurs again.

Every year, for about two and a half weeks, one of Pyrrhia’s largest markets and trading centers is opened, and dragons of all tribes are drawn to this. Located along the edges of the kingdom, it is one of the main ways that the LeafWing kingdom receives commerce. During this time, the borders are open and many dragons are free to tour the edges of the kingdom, at least if there is a few guards keeping an eye on them.

Rather unlike the other tribes, the LeafWing Kingdom is made up of a few towns and a large city around the palace. Within these towns, guilds are made and certain customs are kept, making each of these settlements have a certain charm. While one town may have a specialty in arts and tends to have more aesthetic values in the houses and shops, the other might have more farms around, leading to higher quality of food and beautiful pastures all around.

The largest city, around the palace, is well known for its good living conditions and amount of guilds,

As most male dragonets grow to a certain age, which is about three throughout most of the kingdom, they go into training. As they grow to be adults, they are made guards and soldiers for the LeafWing army. The females, on the other hand, do not train to become guards. There are no female guards whatsoever, given their smaller stance than the males making them unfit physically for the job.

They usually stay with their mothers and learn many disciplines so they can get jobs in many guilds as they get older. All dragons get jobs, as decreed by the queen and king, and therefor the prospect of being unemployed is foreign to them.

Some of the many guilds present in the kingdom include smithing, weaving, writing, and more. Many pursue art, being a primary export that makes the kingdom profit, as well as the trading center. The less wealthy do farming, which tends to be a good career given the crowded populations of towns require food to feed the dragons that inhabit it.

The teaching of soldiers and guards are taken very seriously in the Kingdom and many times dragonets are taken outside of the kingdom for their training, learning within other tribes to become as smart and tactical about other tribe’s weaknesses and strengths as they are smart with their own.

This leads most if not all soldiers in the LeafWing kingdom to be rather smart and independent when facing a threat and not under the guidance of a commander. This new and innovative look at fighting off enemies, as well as the constant change of strategy that depends on the threat helps the LeafWings maintain a fearful reputation.


Early in Pyrrhia’s history, the tribe was just a small group of dragons split in many ways. During the first few years of the formation of the tribes, many violent and horrible wars were waged and tore the small tribe apart even more.

Some of these famous fights include the Battle of Diamond Delta, named aptly for its location at the edge of Diamond Spray Delta, when the great commander Olivine lead the east army against the MudWings, and died valiantly. Legend tells that when his blood touched the earth, all the MudWings in the area were driven back by the power that was renewed in his dragons. Ironically enough, ever since this event, all LeafWings have vacated the land that was held for a short amount of time around the delta and left altogether. The only sign that they had held the location for any time was the remains of a few shacks that were kept up, as well as touches of LeafWing culture that remained in the area.

Another famous battle was the siege on Fort Clouds, which was the first time the entire LeafWing tribe banded together, when SkyWings and SwiftWings were moving into the area that they occupied, leading them to be pushed back to Fort Clouds, where the present day palace is located. Through the combined efforts of the newly united tribe, they were able to keep one patch of homeland safe, and because of this, was able to grow and expand as years passed.

However, even with the new alliance between the tribes, that did not stop them from fighting many times. Once, in the Battle of the Bloody Rocks, they almost managed to wipe themselves out.

Only by the interference of the scribe Clover was full-out extinction prevented. Because he was able to figure out a compromise between the LeafWing tribe, they were able to begin the first united kingdom. While the rest of Pyrrhia was forming the tribes, the LeafWings were starting to fight back to the set boundaries that the other dragons started to create.

The LeafWings were able to win much of the forest that they live in today, and began to build small settlements due to the fact that safety in numbers was their best chance of survival.

Two hundred years before Modern day Pyrrhia arose, the first official monarch rose to power. Queen Beryl, a talented young dragon, was able to bring together the tribe in a time of need, when there was extreme drought across the land and they had to ask for help from the other tribes to get the water they needed.

Around the same time, the first Pyrrhian Fair opened, and dragons around the continent came to the trade center. Since then, it has been an annual tradition.

Five years after the start of the SandWing world war, Queen Verdant was challenged by her youngest daughter, Redwood, and was killed in the battle. Although many LeafWings were absolutely distraught by the change in leadership, Redwood proved her worth by improving relationships with other tribes while simultaneously making sure that they knew not to mess with the dragons of the forest. This led to them having no allies in the war, and thriving at the same time.

During the 18 year period, they held no fairs, and when the war finally ended they were much different than before. Tougher, more independent, and less likely to be attacked than ever. Even with the unstable SkyWings approaching their land and the newly returned SwiftWings trying to regain the territory that they had lost to them, they were able to keep most, if not all the land that they possessed.

Other information


The current royal family members include:

  • Queen Redwood, the leader of the tribe and one of the more charismatic leaders. She is one to interact with the common folk and fight her own battles. However, she has a distinct lack of knowledge in several parts of required knowledge, due to her early crowning. These include the import and export that comes through the kingdom, the funding for the scientific community, and much of politics. Thankfully, she has gotten help with these through her spouse, her children, and the many members of the LeafWing kingdom themselves.
  • King Oakland, the top adviser for the political party in the kingdom and a very smart individual. He has helped the kingdom pull through many crises with Redwood by his side, and they are a very happy family. He doesn't interact with other dragons as much, however, with his obsession with the scroll collection in the kingdom and the knowledge being found by the scientific community. He would spend every waking hour in the library, but because of his duties, he has to be dragged out of there regularly, half asleep and buzzing with coffee, his favored method of getting caffeine.
  • Princess Malachite, the ‘older’ of the two twin princesses, who has taken after her father. She always tagged along to all of his meetings, and has started creating her own little corner in the library. She has a better relationship with her father than her mother, but loves them both dearly. She has bad eyesight, and wears thick glasses. Her favorite things to talk about is about mysterious tribes that might exist out there. Someday, she wishes to go out and explore Pyrrhia for herself, and write as much as she can to help fill up the libraries in the LeafWing kingdom. Is currently aged three.
  • Princess Chartreuse, the more prim and proper of the two twin princesses. She is absolutely entranced by jewels, and tends to walk around in one of her mother’s old gowns required for formal events. She likes to take trips to other tribes, although the recent events of the war have made those visits mostly unable to be carried out. Can get a little whiny, and though she disagrees with her twin sister they absolutely love each other. Is currently aged three.
    • The twins are virtually identical. However, Malachite has shorter, bunched up horns and thick glasses, as well as blue eyes. Chartreuse has longer, elegant horns as well as splotches on her shoulders that refuse to change from the autumn colors. Her eyes are amber, and she is slightly taller than Malachite.
  • Prince Pine, the infant son of Redwood and Oakland. Is barely out of his egg, and is tinted a strange bluish green that was the meaning for his name. Is rather small in size, though he is expected to survive past infanthood.

Notable members

  • Commander Olivine, who is said to have the ferocity of tigers under his scales. Lead many LeafWings to battle against the MudWings during the wars that waged against the tribes when they were first forming. Died at age 45 to a MudWing named Treesnapper, though his death caused the dragons he had led to fight back with renewed force, and eventually drive the MudWings away from the Diamond Spray Delta.
  • Mistress Vine, who introduced the first art guilds to the Kingdom, and is said to weave moonlight and heartstrings into the tapestries she wove, which hang in the Palace today.
  • Clover, once a lowly scribe and author, who wrote many of the early scrolls and even The History of the LeafWings, talking about the early days of Pyrrhia, when the tribes were first created. Is known best for her participation in the politics of the tribe, and was able to single-handedly stop a full-out war over a simple skirmish. Is today one of the most well-known authors in Pyrrhia, and her works are something all dragonets at school must learn.
  • Queen Beryl, the first queen of the LeafWings. Because of her, the LeafWings started moving out of their independent closed-off state and started to interact and gain help from the other tribes. She established the Pyrrhia market, and is largely known as the beginner of most customs in the LeafWing tribe.

Relationships with other tribes

Out of all the tribes, LeafWings are the least forgiving for hybrids. Any hybrid LeafWings are usually sentenced to death, as well as their LeafWing parent. To this day, the existence of hybrid LeafWings is little to none, and those are usually dragons that don’t live within the tribe. AKA, traitors, outcasts, and sometimes Talons of Peace. However, even these dragons have a certain hatred towards the tainting of the LeafWing blood.

  • SkyWings: Although they aren't directly bordering the SkyWings, there still is a fair amount of tension between the two tribes. However, the Pyrrhia Market has attracted its fair share of SkyWings. Many queens in the LeafWing line have stated that if they wanted allies, one of the first ones they would have gotten would be the SkyWings.
  • SeaWings: They have a neutral relationship with the SeaWings, although LeafWings can be extremely impressed by the feats of architecture that SeaWings manage. Many of the techniques that they use to hide their structures is based upon those that the SeaWings used.
  • SandWings: Rather dismissive about this tribe, and their relationship has steadily gotten darker as of the SandWing world war. They would much rather stay well away from the desert dragons altogether.
  • NightWings: As the scientific community in the LeafWing kingdom grows, so does the fascination that the NightWings give them. Ever since the ending of the war, the NightWings have been able to get to the edges of the Kingdom quicker. Many times, they have attempted to get an audience with the queen, but it was all in vain. To this day, NightWings still have yet to figure out the wonders of the LeafWings.
  • RainWings: Although they might be mistaken for these rain forest dragons from afar, they are nothing alike. However, early in Pyrrhia’s history, they were both allied together. RainWings were champions at peace as well as stealth. LeafWings took these sort of traits and preserved them in their own culture long after the RainWing tribe deteriorated. Now, because of the new queen’s interference with the tribe, many members of the tribe are curious to see how the new tribe will differ from the old.
  • MudWings: Since the early days, the two tribes have been in war many times. These days, it is no different. Because of this long-standing grudge, any time a MudWing and a LeafWing are together, tensions always rise. Many LeafWings think of MudWings as slow and inefficient. Although the swamp dragons incorporated the tactic of sticking together that LeafWings displayed, both tribes never want to admit that parts of their culture come from each other. For many of the first years of the fair, MudWings weren’t even allowed in. These days, however, all tribes are viewed as equal.
  • IceWings: Little is known about the IceWings, given the fact that LeafWings will literally frost over and die if the temperature is too cold. However, what little that is known about them makes a certain fear grow in them. Although IceWings won’t know it, most LeafWings are terrified of that tribe. It doesn't stop them from accepting them with open claws each year at the fair. Not that many will come due to the warm, humid temperatures.
  • SwiftWings: When the SwiftWings left Pyrrhia at the beginning of the war, the LeafWing tribe was torn between going with them or staying where they were, though the majority voted for staying. For much of their later history, the two tribes have remained on good terms with each other, with many of the SwiftWing architecture roots deriving from the LeafWing art. At the same time, the telekinesis that they possess has been researched thoroughly by the LeafWings, and many concepts of animus magic that are thought of as common knowledge by all the tribes was actually through the collaborative effort of SwiftWing and LeafWing scientists.
  • GeodeWings: GeodeWings and LeafWings tend to have a neutral relationship, and because of the GeodeWings’ fascination with architecture and mystery, they can be a frequently seen around the border, trying to find a way in. Many a tunnel has been found with the intention of getting into the territory unnoticed. Because of these offenses, the LeafWing view of GeodeWings have been getting darker in recent years.
  • DeathWings: Just like IceWings, DeathWings are dragons that strike fear into LeafWing hearts. They know from many battles in the past that their abilities and capabilities are not over exaggerated. From the recent DeathWing rebellion, they were able to first-hand witness their destruction, although the kingdom was not harmed as much as others. LeafWings think of DeathWings as violent, excessively angry freaks, and stay well away from them, even in times of peace. There is talk of not allowing them to come to the fair at all, due to the uprising.
  • MoonWings: Not much is known about MoonWings from the LeafWing perspective. However, they are a point of interest with many scientists because of their rudimentary Terrakinetics that relies not so much on the very substance of the earth, but the manipulation of the gravitational and magnetic fields of the earth.
  • AviWings: Although these tribes are rather close, relatively speaking, the LeafWings and AviWings know little about each other. Many higher ranked LeafWings look down on most AviWings, thinking of them as lower, more rudimentary tribe due to their different culture. However, these thoughts are never shared with the tribe itself.

Tribe Members

LeafWings are free to make and you don't have to ask for permission. You do however have to ask to make a royal LeafWing or hybrid LeafWing.


  • Queen Redwood
  • King Oakland
  • Princess Chartreuse
  • Princess Malachite
  • Prince Pine


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