Labyrinth is a 8 year-old female SeaWing guard/warrior. She killed Sunburst's mother at the young age of 3. 


Labyrinth was the smallest out of the batch. Everything about her made her parents dissapointed in her. However, Labyrinth would stop at nothing to prove herself. So the SeaWing flashed the patterns on her head, meaning "Mom?". Her parents were slightly impressed by their daughter's aquatic words, but they wanted a bit more. So 2 weeks after she was born, Labyrinth started to fiercely train. Her parents, by then, were extremely impressed and even gave her a necklace. The necklace had jade and cobalt gems on it, which she keeps in a case to this day in memory of her deceased parents.

The dragoness signed herself up to be a warrior, and ended up first as a guard. Labyrinth was sent out into the battlefield at the age of 3, as she was very mature. The dragoness fought hard but mostly saved her energy for the strongest SkyWing out there. Labyrinth used her large assortment of weapons to kill the mother SkyWing, and did succeed. She didn't know, but she was accidentally breaking the heart of a certain SkyWing. Labyrinth was then considered a strong warrior and a guard. When Labyrinth came back home, she discovered her siblings mourning over the lose of their parents. She was then given a plain chocker-like platinum necklace with no beads or anything on it. Labyrinth shortly went back to her duties as a warrior. Coral gave the dragoness a ring of keys, each to open almost every doors in the deep palace, as she was highly trusted. Labyrinth took the keys off the ring and placed them on her necklace, reminding her of how proud her parents were of her.


Labyrinth has deep sapphire scales with a jade sheen to them in certain light. She wears a platinum chocker necklace with silver keys tied to it. Labyrinth's left eye is mint, while the other a deep jasmine. The dragoness has extremely deep purple fins and wing membranes. The swirl and star glowing patterns on her body glow a very light seaweed green.



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