Kutlith was born 5000 years before the war started.

When he was first born, Kutlith was a cute looking dragonet. He always got up to trouble. Kutlith always clawed his parents and attempted to burn other baby dragonets. Soon his parents got sick of it; they chained him up to a wall so that he couldn't do anything. After 17 days on the chain his parents let him off. Sadly, Kutlith got chained up a lot more.

After 4 years he got sick of it and ran away into the world. After 10 days passed, he was hungry, cold, and wet, and the distance he saw a dragon, a rich one. The dragon had emerald rings with diamond teeth,as well as a ruby coat, and most of all, to Kutlith, food. Kutlith went charging at the dragon, though the dragon saw Kutlith and smashed him with his tail, then pinned him.

With one mighty breath Kutlith sended out a blazing pillar of fire and scorched the dragon that pinned him then slashed his neck and bit his legs Kutlith had killed a dragon.After feasting on the cow the dragon had Kutlith put all the treasure on. Kutlith felt great he flew across the mountions killing all dragons in his way and taking the treasure they had. After a few months Kutlith heard nothing about his tribe and never saw one in his world expirence. He knew what happend to his tribe they all died. Kutlith didint care a bit, a few days later he flew to the sky kingdom.At the second he got there he was taken prisoner, for killing SkyWings he was put on chains and wires. The food he got was discusting and not worth eating he finded out that the chains and wires couldent resist blazing fire at night he burnt the wires and chains. Then ecscaped Kutlith flew to the queen once he got to the queens room he bunt evreything down then walked up to the queen and grabbed her neck and threw her agianst the wall. Kutlith burnt through the roof and flew up above the kingdom and burnt evreything he saw in the kingdom. and then flew away Kutlith was at the rainforest then suddenly and bunch of dragons came out of the trees they where saying somthing. Kutlith figured out what they where doing  casting magic to trap him he ran up to one and clawed him then suddenly a hole appeared under him. Kutlith was hanging on to the land then the leader of the group come and kicked his talons off the land. Kutlith was trapped until sombody comes saves him then Kutlith heard a voice it said "To pay for your crimes you will be stuck here forver growning and never ageing until sombody sets you free    Kutlith". Kutlith was stuck there for a long long time

Kutlith now lives alone where nobody can find him one day he will be found and will be free

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