Kite is a female SkyWing and is a protagonist in the fanfiction Trail of Stars.


Kite is a red-orange SkyWing with white secondary scales and a long tail. She is normal sized compared to other SkyWings, but is a lot more slender and swift on her feet. She wears a garnet ring, fashioned from pure gold and an extremely rare garnet. she also wears silver arm bands, a red gem necklace and two green earrings, all from the dragons she has killed.


Kite is a very stubborn and brave dragon. She is very clever and innovative, able to do the hardest missions needed for the agency. Kite is very intelligent and brave, doing her missions without a doubt. She's very confident in herself, and loyal to the Eyes with her life. Kite is also very rebellious, roaring back when you command her. She is independent, not letting anyone else tag along on missions. But if they do, Kite expects them to work just as hard as she does, which is very hard.


Queen Stratus came to power one day after killing her mother Ruby. She was hated by many SkyWings, proven to be the worst queen in SkyWing history. An underground agency developed underneath her radar. Kite's parents were members of the agency. They both died on a mission to assassinate the queen, but before that they managed to bring about an egg. Before leaving for the mission, they told the leader of the agency to train their dragonet to be a great agent. They believed that Kite could be the one to save the SkyWings.

Kite was raised personally by the leader of the Eyes, trained harder than the other agents-in-training and had more chances for missions. Her talent for spying was shown first at her first mission, where she was to steal Queen Stratus' priceless garnet ring. The mission was successful, and Kite was permitted to keep the ring.

Kite now is in place of the agency's best assassins. She was the first ever to successfully kill Queen Stratus, but she was caught in the mission. Topaz, Stratus' daughter, deeply hates Kite for killing her mother. She pitted Kite in the arena until she told where the secret agency was located.


  • Kite is named after a bird of prey. Not the scavenger toy or geometrical shape.