Kilyris is one of my OCs. Please do not copy her or use her without my permission. Thank you.

Also, you pronounce her name <kull-ii-ris>, just to let you know.


Kilyris is a SwiftWing. She has electric green eyes (like electric blue but green instead), a straight, cerulean stripe, and a mane the color of fire. Kilyris tends to jump to conclusions, without examining all the evidence. She is outgoing, and willing to fight. She is best at hydrokinesis, and is fairly good at aerokinesis. She cannot control lightning or use terrakinesis. She is bold and brave, always ready to tackle new problems. She is a very good dragon to have around in a battle.


Her egg was stolen by Tiderush, who knew she was a Prophesized One. She was raised by the three minders, Ashia, Scorchclaw, and Tiderush with the other dragonets. When Aurora arrived, she was extremely suspicious of her, as she is with every dragon she doesn't know. Eventually, over time, Kilyris grew to respect Aurora and to trust her. She is currently with her fellow Prophesized Ones.

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