Credit to Tree Dragon for the infobox picture. Kikorangi is my dragonsona. Don't use her without permission. Feel free to draw art.


Kikorangi (or Kiko for short) is a stoutly built RainWing. She is quite short and chubby for a RainWing, which is unusual as the other members of her family are gracefully built. She usually appears different shades of blue but sometimes she can be different shades of other colours. She has earrings in both ears.


Kikorangi was born in the Rain Kingdom. She'd been fascinated with architecture and engineering from a young age (unlike her parents who were healers). She designed and drew structures that she liked and obsessed over science. She gained friends in fellow science nerds.


Kikorangi is usually bright and bubbly, with a dry sense of humour that comes from watching a lot of British comedy. She is also sometimes very witty and sarcastic, and can be as salty as heck when she wants to.