Kasumi is a 7 year-old SeaWing.

He will be a future character in Wings of Fire: Hope in the War .


Kasumi's parents were hiding from Queen Ruby in the Ice Kingdom, thinking it would be the safest place right then. His egg was dropped into freezing waters. Because of this, he hatched a year late.

The SeaWing almost froze to death, luckily his parents found him before that could happen. Kasumi was raised in the SeaWing kingdom from then on. It was discovered he can't go to places where the temperatures are more then 98 Fahrenheit after a trip to a island on the hottest day of the year.


Kasumi's scales are a beautiful midnight blue. His glow scales are emerald green. His horns are a pearl white. The underscales are a emerald, and so are his eyes. His figure is very sleek.


He trusts easily. Kasumi can snap when he gets mad, although he has a habit of staying calm easily.


  • Kasumi's parents were hiding from Ruby because they stole a jewel from the SkyWing markets.