Justice is a female SkyWing.


A typical SkyWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Justice has bright golden scales that fade to a light orange. She has gold markings located across her body. Her eyes are a bright gold, like a fire. She has an average build.


Due to her being a Fire-born, she was shifted from talons to talon looking for a home with her sisters, Mercy and Heath. Her only comfort was Mercy. Justice is timid and shy, often relying on Mercy. She is always looking for something to do and is accident prone. She tries to avoid touching anything as it may burn or melt.


Instead of being able to create fire, she instead is able to generate heat. This is weak but if long enough it can burn a dragon. This is Justice's main style of fighting, touching the enemy and burning them. The more heat, the more it drains her of her strength. You can know when she is using her abilities when the golden markings on her glow. Cold water or weather dims her abilities.


  • Her twin sister is Mercy.
  • Her twin sister is Hearth.