Jeff is a male, monster-like dragon. He lives a life that changes when night and day comes and goes.


By night, he has pure white scales, his eyes are ringed in black. His mouth is torn through his cheek, in a horrible-looking smile. He is also rather thin, and is bloodstained.

By day, he has amber scales, and his eyes are a piercing blue. He has normal body mass. The spikes he has are gone, and the blood is also gone.


By night, he is a killer, who says "Go to sleep" before he kills his victims. He has killed many dragons, and has given many dragonets nightmares. The fans of him, he calls his "Little Smiles".

By day he acts like a normal dragon. He normally hangs around the RainWing kingdom, with furry sloths. He calls his friends "cool bros".


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