Javelina is a white, female SandWing. She is only to be used by her creator, Peril's Fire.

Powers and Abilities

  • Poisonous Tail Barb

Like all SandWings, Javelina has a poisonous barb at the end of her tail like a scorpion.

  • Fire-breathing

Javelina can breathe fire, like all SandWings.

  • Obedience

Javelina is very obedient, having been raised in an army-like manner.

  • Spywork

Javelina was found to be an excellent spy at a young age, and a few Talons of Peace who used to be spies exclusively trained her, and she is now an almost perfect spy.

  • Recovery

Because of her training, Javelina can recover from major injuries quicker than other dragons, as proven when Ochre knocked her out and she was moving around minutes later.


A Life of Lies: The Swamp Island

Javelina is one of Viper's siblings. She and her siblings, excluding Viper, were raised in an army-like manner, so she's very obedient. When the first round of her fighting lesson begins, she and Bobcat chase Ochre. Ochre hides in a skeleton and shreds part of her leaf from inside. He then rolls the skeleton at her, knocking her out against the wall. She appears to have recovered quickly, as she is put on Ochre's team in the next round. Ironwood instructs her and Silver Cholla to attack Cabybara, and Bobcat explains to the others that Javelina is their group's spy, if they need one.


  • It is because of Javelina's spy training and abilities that she recovered from being knocked out so quickly in The Swamp Island.