Jasper is my RainWing OC. Her idea is not to be taken by anyone, unless you want Separateheart to barge out from your closet out of nowhere. Thank you.


Jasper is a normal RainWing, with normal color-changing scales. She had green eyes that sparkle in the light. She prefers to keep her scales a jade green, each scale scalloped with gold. She is one of the main characters in 'Showing Our True Colors'.

Jasper has an easygoing personality, and can tell when something is wrong. She likes stargazing, and would commonly teach Lily about the constellations in the rainforest sky.

Jasper was born as a normal dragonet, when the war started. She wasn't even aware there was a war, until she overheard MudWings on patrol near the edge of the rainforest. When she realized that there was a war going on, she tried to warn her tribemates. No one would listen to her, and scoffed at her. "Crazy Jasper!" They'd say. "There's no war!"

She grew up much more sober and grumpy than the other RainWings. The one thing that she excelled at in her youth was tree-gliding, and she won most of the races. She was a legal adult when Lily hatched.

Jasper felt sorry for Lily, who was shunted around because she couldn't change her scales, so she adopted Lily, taking care of her in her treehouse at the edge of the village. Jasper is currently still taking care of Lily. This is where 'Showing our True Colors' comes in. If I said any more, it would be a spoiler.


Jasper. Art by Solar for Starlight.


  • Jasper has a fear of moths, which she never tells anyone about.
  • She started ignoring sun-times after she learned about the war, so her scales were more 'mousy', much like her younger sister Glory's would later be.