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Her Life

Jade was from a family of very powerful and wealthy family. She had it good until one day a group of Skywings attacked looted most of the riches. From then on Jade and her family had to live out in the streets (if dragons had streets) and beg for food. Jade got sick of this so she ran away. She ran until she saw Sunstone. Sunstone gladly let her live with Sunstone. Now they are best friends. Jade is one of the protagonists in The Blazing Sun


Jade is a very small Rainwing who likes to keep her skin sparkly green, like a jade. Although Jade doesn't have any venom, she can strangle or snap someone with her long tail. Jade also has sea green eyes.


Jade is ignorant and likes to brag about her prettiness and stuff. She can be a real pain in the behind. Jade is also very friendly and likes to chatter and stay with her friends. Jade had a lot of suitors, so she's egotistic too.