Ivy is Whitey's OC, please do not use without permission.


Ivy is a RainWing, so his scales change colors, but he prefers to have them in the range between green and black. His eyes are charcoal gray. He is very small for a dragon.


Ivy is very trusting and is friendly with most people. He is rather shy and is usually invisible when near the actual village of the RainWings. He has actually gone insane out of the use of too much magic because he is an animus. Ivy, though it is rather hard to tell, is very intelligent. When he was younger, he received good grades and spoke in riddles, which is a reason it is hard to get the true meaning of the few sentences he says.


Ivy has all the normal abilities of a normal RainWing, plus animus magic. He prefers not to use magic, though, because it is the cause of his mental deterioration. He does, however, use minor levatation charms to make carrying his Father easier.


Ivy was young when his father died. Monochrome was killed in a freak accident involving a SeaWing, leaving Ivy devastated. He never liked his mother because she was aggressive. When she mysteriously disappeared, Ivy was left with his father for less than a year before the accident. He always remembered his father's words, "You can make anything work if you believe it will." With those words in mind, his animus brain found the nearest thing to him and made it his new father figure, and that was a medium sized, moss covered stone. He then ran away with his 'father' to a hidden part of the forest, completely forgotten by his tribe.


  • Ivy and Luster don't know each other.
  • Ivy occasionally found it funny to throw papayas at others while invisible and blame it on the nearest monkey
  • Ivy has a fear of heights.