A CunningWing!

A CunningWing! (I love this pic, Tundra!)

Ipsum is a female CunningWing, and a OC of Talonsofpeace123.

Physical Appearance

Ipsum is a average female CunningWing. The only difference is that she has a more dexterous tail than other CunningWings Her tail is so dexterous that she can use it like a extra hand or finger. You will find her holding a scroll, either holding it for later, or reading it.

Mental Appearance

She is most likely - remember I said most likely - the dragon with the highest I.Q. in Pyrrhia. She is so smart, that it is a surprise that she hasn't turned herself into a mass of pure energy and knowledge. Her I.Q. is around 180.


  • Ipsum means "smart" in Latin.                                

    By Luster

  • Ipsum was going to be a guy.

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