Inferno is an OC of Sunfeather17. If you steal his design I will report you to the admins.


Inferno was raised to hate Blaze and Blister. Unfortunately, after a strange event that involved a trip to the Kingdom of Ice, two pigeons, a scavenger, and a MudWing, Blaze ended up saving his life.

After he turned 7 years old, he was enrolled in the SkyWing army by his mother, despite his many protests. One day, he snuck away to the Ice Kingdom and found Blaze. Inferno then offered his assistance as a spy. Blaze appointed him the SkyWings, and that was that.


"But, Nimmmmmbussss... I wanna be BFFs!"

"Blaze is the best queen, obviously! Even if she is kinda... Stupid."



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