A typical SandWing. Art by Joy Ang

Indestructible is a male SandWing.


His scales are a bright white, much like his sister Phenomenon. His eyes are a obsidian black. He is larger then many SandWings after training in the army. He is covered in many scars. His stinger is cut off, and is instead replaced with a spear tip.


One of the few dragons to fight in the great war, he is a battle hardened warrior. After years of fighting, he became a pacifist to escape war, but conflict always seemed to follow him. Indestructible exiled himself into the desert, after hearing news of a younger sister. He grew happy with Phenomenon after finding her, teaching her skills that he had gained over the years. He is still rash, making risky choices.


He is potent in using his abilities in fighting as a soldier. He is disciplined yet flexible in the arts of warfare. He fails however in acting as a assassin,which is Phenomenon's job. He not very adaptable in things not war, bumbling and bursting through into the area. He is good with using his spear tip tail and fire. Indestructible knows many types of fighting, rarely being heavily injured or bested.


  • He is named after the song Indestructible by Distrubed. 
  • 25 in human years, 50 in dragon.

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