Author's notes


This is about one of the most forgotten characters in TDS.   

By Matau: For Shadow.

And who is that? You may ask.

Well, It's my favorite character in the series so far.


This guy, if popular, would probably be hated.

So bam.

A story of Vengeance's life.

Hope you enjoy, criticism and comments are welcomed. ~ Shadow.


A deep black egg laid in a warm nest inside the safe hatchery. The unusually small egg glinted in the light, the rays peering through the thick-cut glass windows. The air in the hatchery was pleasantly warm and the it was tranquil. However outside didn't seem so peaceful. NightWings were flying all over the island and the black smoke was rising to the top of the sky. The only quiet place to be was inside the den or inside the hatchery, although the hatchery was locked by over 5 locks that were impossible to unlock unless you had the hatchery key.

The NightWings were trying to keep the eggs as safe as possible. Their eggs were either being stolen, or just smashed. Queen Coral at the current time was also having trouble keeping her female offspring alive. It seemed right now it was just a bad time for offspring to be born. Mothers and fathers everywhere were struggling to keep their eggs safe. Dragons were trying their best but it seemed unstoppable.

Until they brought in Spinebreaker.

Spinebreaker was the most fierce and ruthless dragon you could ever meet. The male NightWing had the best rank you could have in the war. Army commander. Everyone everywhere respected him. Even other dragons from completely different tribes respected and feared him. Spinebreaker was very intimidating. He could make even the bravest of all warriors fall.

Spinebreaker sat outside with another warrior. They both held stern looks and were frozen as statues. Anyone who passed by them could easily mistake them for stone gargoyles. Their eyes both glinted a threatening red and their scales were pitch black. The hatcheries safety was in their talons. But it was completely safe right now.