Illustrious is careful and rarely lets her guard down. She figures out the best way to get under the scales of dragons she doesn't like and will only give her trust to people who earned it from her. She's stubborn and not afraid to charge in a battle right away but usually studies her enemy first. She isn't mysterious, but tries to be. She seems independent but actually needs company and comfort. In truth, she is uncertain about herself so she covers it up with an intimitating, confident, neutral act. Inside, she is very honest, thoughtful and caring. She'll only reveal herself to friends. Don't get her wrong; she is very tough, bold, brave and strong. Only part of her is an act,- her intelligence and strength is real. Don't get the mistake of insulting her.


A lithe small NightWing with hints of dark soft blue. Lighter purplish-black and than usual which makes her harder to hide in shadows. Silver stars are faintly outlined with different colors, but other than that, she is just another NightWing.