His name roughly translates to fire eternal or eternal fire. 


Ignis is a male FlameWing with dark red primary scales and orange secondary scales. He has larger then normal wings that are completly a copper color. A noticable feature is that he has is bright blue eyes and large horns that curve backwards and slightly down. He is of average size though his wings seem to have a larger length than most members of his tribes.


Ignis is outgoing and not afraid to approach a stranger. He is extremely artistic an creative,making some of the most beautfiful sculptures known.They range from trees to a FlameWing lighting himself on fire[Which was made after Ignis himself.]He can be abit full of himself when he talks about his creations,though he shows humility once in a while.Ignis can be a rather sarcastic and insult dragons who dislikes him,though casually kids with his friends and family.He has a strong sense of justice and fairness,he often jumping into an arguement to settle an agreement.

When creating a sculpture or blacksmithing he would rather be alone.Ignis tends to be stoic and silent when in the middle of crafting and sometimes snaps.He can be sitting for days thinking of the perfect way to do it then a few mores days finding the perfect material.In truth it only takes him only an half a day to actually create what he wanted.He can be a perfectionist,taking the object he sees and fixing the unseen imperfections only he can see.


He has all of the normal abilties of a FlameWing.Ignis's claws are realtivly sharp and more durable than other FlameWing's,allowing for more precise cutting.He isn't particulary strong or strategic but knows how to handle himself in a fight.He claw to claw fighting is fine for a FlameWing but he prefers using an animus touched spear known as Driver.Driver is made of various materials,crafted by Ignis then animus touched by an old friend.Driver is about the length of a dragon tail and incredibly durable.It has the ability to transmit Ignis's fire into the spear,allowing Driver to heat up or combust into flames.It loses it's ability to burn when it's out of Ignis's talons for a while.Driver serves as a replacement for Ignis unable to breathe fire and his combustion weaker than a majority of FlameWings.


  • He likes to make sculptures,weapons,armor and other things that he sells to make profit.
  • He is