Ignatius is a 41 year-old RainWing.


Ignatius doesn't mind it when he sees blood. He is ruthless, and he is one good with insults. He'll to either kill or sway you into joining him and his evil ways.

He is cunning. Ignatius truthfully wouldn't mind if one of his family members died right now, but back when he was younger, he was nicer, loving, and even caring. He despises dragons who try to defeat him or assassinate him, although all have failed. Ignatius is prone to yelling even when not mad, a trait he gained from his father Toxin.


Ignatius usually has crimson red scales or blood orange colored scales. His frills stay white because of a disorder. His talons stay silver, probably from IceWing blood. His talons are long, narrow and hooked. 

His teeth are blood stained, his horns are chipped, and the tip of his tail shows bone, all showing he fights, or at least used too.

Ingatius barely changes his scale colors, but in rare times, you may see his scales turn white from fear of pain.


Ignatius was a happy RainWing, believe it or not. He lived with his mother until she died and his father took over. His father mostly taught his evil and fighting ways, turning him into the dragon he is now.

His father was killed by Icebreaker at the age of 5, so he grew a grudge against Icebreaker.