Icepick is an animus IceWing. He is six years old, and his father is Hvitur. When he was one, he recieved a letter from the Talons of Peace, comfirming that Hvitur had been dead for at least a year. Icepick remembers most things he reads, and started picking apart his library as soon as he found out his father worked in the Talons of Peace, because the letter didn't say a name. His mother was so traumatized by the letter, she lost her speach, and comunicated with Icepick by writing him short letters. When he was three, his mother froze herself from the inside out. When Queen Glacier found out he was an animus, she made a deal with him, so now he fight's as an ally to her army. He has short temper that often goes off at the smallest things. He is afraid of drowning and terrible at telekinesis, but can easily bring statues to life. He built and enchanted a statue of his father, Hvitur, and put it to work digging out a tunnel to the oasis along the river between the Sand Kingdom and the Sky Kingdom. He is bitter, and believes that there is no such thing as a good dragon. There is nothing remarkable about his appearance.