Icebreaker is a 50 year old IceWing and made the prophecy in Wings of Fire: Hope in the War


Icebreaker's parents were killed brutally in front of him by queen Icedrop, showing him his punishment for stealing jewels.

Icebreaker murdered Icedrop soon after, to show her right. Her daughter, PrincessGlacier, took over and banned Icebreaker from going near the palace.

Icebreaker then went through a faze, no one loved him, and he was just alone for most of his childhood. After a short time, Icebreaker decided he wouldn't turn evil, nor good, he would be something called "chaotic neutral"

The IceWing had heard of a evil dragon, wanting to grow more powerful each day, than act as a dictator to all the tribes. Icebreaker made a prophecy, which was actually created by a  NightWing before he died of a natural cause.


Icebreaker is ruthless, willing to do anything for loved ones. He is also brilliant. He is very mysterious, and hates most RainWings and some NightWings.


Icebreaker has creepy glowing icey blue eyes, which illuminate his entire face. He has pure white scales. Icebreaker's horns are a silver, and his talons are a blueish silver.

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