Ice is an IceWing, and Claus' Old Account's main WoF RP character. He has a small, light blue crystal in the

middle of his forehead.


Ice wonders about what's happening in the other tribes often. He likes to play in the snow and perform tricks on ice. He reads scrolls often, and he is very interested in scrolls about former Queens.


Ice hatched at night with his mother and father named Polaara and Snowark. At age 5, unfortunately, his parents were killed by an unknown dragon. He wandered the frozen world of the Ice Kingdom, and he decided to live in a cave. One day, he woke up with a blue crystal next to him that apparentally fell down from the ceiling of the cave. It fit under his scales perfectly, so he decided to wear it as an accessory for his forehead. To this day, he still wonders who killed his parents.


  • Distracting oppenents with his crystal
  • Grabbing prey and rolling with it to confuse it.
  • Ice breath and other IceWing abilities.
  • Sharp claws and teeth

Other Information

  • Age: 10
  • Species: IceWing
  • Features: A small crystal


  • He is not good at running or flying, but is a decent fighter.
  • He believes in the Dragonet Prophecy.
  • His favorite food is Polar Bear.