Ibses is a 5 year-old SkyWing. He is the son to Ferocious and Sprinkles. 


Ibises has a heart of gold. He is extremely bashful and quiet.  Ibises is very curious, especially about what happened to Kestrel, Copper and Peril. But Sprinkle's always tells him not to. Ibises is very polite. He's not the type of dragon to go rushing into things as soon as they happen. Ibises, if ever in a fight, would rather rely on strategy than actually fighting. His mother taught him most of his manners.


Ibises has one ice blue eye, while the other dark teal. His underscales are a salmon red. He has antler-like horns, that are a light cream. His main scales are a light maroon with salmon red streaks going through them. Ibises has a birthmark, which is the omega sign. He inherits his mother's tail and frill.


Ibises was hatched on 15 of December. He hatched a little early than expected, worrying his parents. However, Ibises turned out to be fine.