Hurricane is ready for a night out on the ocean!🌊

Ok peeps, Hurricane is ready to blow your minds. WindRider2501 property.


(FYI he's typing this, not me.)

My past was very different from normal SeaWings. I had 14 other siblings, being the youngest male and 2nd youngest out of us all. Attention was hard to divide. I have one adoptive brother and he's not a SeaWing. He's a NightWing named Morrowflight. I am excellent at fighting, blogging, texting, napping, having fun, singing, etc. etc. Oh, did I mention my name? Hi,I'm Hurricane. I've always been told that I'm very funny and a fast swimmer. I taught Morrowflight how to swim and after Au transformed him into a SeaWing-NightWing hybrid. (Not to brag,but I told him the most insults). I attend the SeaWing Academy for Gifted Dragonets.I have loads of friends and I'm very popular. I am 9 years old. Now I'll shut up and leave you to read the rest of my AWESOME article.


(Back to me) He's got all of the traits and abilities of a normal SeaWing.


  • "I know, Mom. Stop telling me that I can't throw my homework in the current."
  • "Let me show you how a pro does this, Little Sapphire."
  • "Yea whateves." (Flashes Squid-Brain in aquatic)
  • "I'm ready.To kick some SkyWing butt!"

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