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He is probably one of the oldest dragons still alive however his knowledge made him a target of nightwing assassins after he refused to share it will them he is one of the most elusive dragons on the continent meeting him is enlightening to say the least. He is the greatest prophet to be born, delivering prophecies for good and for ill, he cares not


he was born high atop the jade mountains, under three moons, but strangely instead of getting mind reading he gained the tremendously powerful visions and prophecies, he does not believe that he is important however and only cares his knowledge be kept and cared for like all other things, so thus he formed the Ia-tei monks to preserve knowledge wherever it may be found, because he knows so much he is often targeted by of course assassins to remove him from the issue and by others just to learn of what the future awaits them.


He is huge dragon for his age he also has many scars from war and his would be assassins he is a jet black like most night wings but instead of silver scales under his wings they are a dark shade of lavender in spirals his eyes are a dark green


amusing, a little mischievous, wise beyond reasoning, careful, kind, gentle to most, pretty much impressed that he lived this long


His abilities are standard along with his extremely powerful visions


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