HugeClaws is a male SkyWing.


HugeClaws was born after the Dragonets of Destiny were born. He loved his cool red markings on him. But then one day he looked down at his feet and saw he had huge claws. Then he discovered why he was named HugeClaws.

Mountain Fury was born shortly after HugeClaws discovered his big claws. He never knew she was born until one year later when he fell in love with her. Ever since then he made friends with Arrowhead, better called Arrow, he has been trying to impress Fury. If that doesn't work, he asks her out to hunt or have fun, or even just take a walk.

HugeClaws really loves Mountain Fury. Sometimes he even spies on her to see what she's doing. You can consider him a stalker... of Mountain Fury, that is.

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A Skywing. Art by Joy Ang.