Horoscope is an 8 year-old NightWing and a future main character in Wings of Fire: Hope in the War


Horoscope doesn't like to trust, although if it's to save any he loves, he'll make allies with dragons. It's rare to see him actually be social, as he's terrible with friendships. Horoscope doesn't like to kill, but will severely injure any target he is assigned too. Horoscope is grumpy if he doesn't get much sleep, but he barely does sleep. Horoscope is completely different around his friends and people he knows. He's confident and is quick to react. Horoscope is very loyal to his friends and family.


Horoscope has leafy green eyes that faintly glow. His main scale color is pure black with dark purple swirls. He carries around a katana passed down from his father. Horoscope wears 3 silver bands around his legs, all from the queen. His talons are a gleaming ivory and silver, but his horns (which go downward) are a shiny silver.


Horoscope was born on July the 1st. His father was secretly making the prophecy for an IceWing. Horoscope was mainly taken cared of by his mother, as his father was obsessed with his studies and making the prophecy.