Honey is a 7 year-old SandWing.


Honey's egg was left at the Summer Palace, since her parents were a part of Blister's army. A SeaWing war general found and secretly adopted it without Coral's notice. After she was hatched, Coral found out, and wasn't very happy, although suprisingly, Honey protected her parents from Coral. Coral knew she couldn't kill a dragonet because Blister would be furious. So she spared them. Coral and Honey forgot that day, and when her mother was gone, Coral read to her and sang to her. However, Coral had to deliver the news. Burn had killed her mother. When Honey heard, Honey spent all day and all night out in the river, no matter the temperature. Coral said she wouldn't come back, and a SeaWing healer. Coral and the healer were very good to her. They still treat her good to this day.


Honey is shy around new dragons. She is accepting to any dragon she meets, even if they seem bad at first. The SandWing could change the evilest of dragons into dragons with hearts of gold.


Honey's scales are a light honey color. Her eyes are a deep, crystal blue. She has a bag where she keeps all her books in.