Description: Red, orange, black, brown, or gold-colored scales; pure HiveWings always have black markings; four thin, bug-like wings; black or warm-colored eyes

Abilities: Varies from dragon to dragon; possible abilities include wrist stingers, venom in teeth or claws, paralyzing or foul-smelling toxins, and an acidic spray that is ejected from their tails (NOTE: A HiveWing may have one or two of these abilities, but not all)

Location: The Pantalan Hives

Queen (Canon): Queen Wasp

Diet: Savanna and prairie animals, plants, honey, fruit, nectar

Significant Members

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Male Royalty:

Important Canon:


A subspecies has few variations when compared to the species as a whole. HiveWing subspecies should not diverge far from canon HiveWings.

Poison HiveWings are a group of HiveWings residing on the edges of the Poison Jungle. Most of these HiveWings have some kind of poison-related ability/abilities, and most that don't are usually treated as lower dragons. Most of the Poison HiveWings have more pale-greenish yellow scales, especially on their legs and tail.

Hivewings born with either the venomous teeth, claws, or tail spine have a chance of having morphine instead of paralyzing toxin or deadly venom. These dragons' victims they inject fall unconscious instead of getting incredibly sick or paralyzed. They are usually identified by pale scales around the poison glands, or the dragon is completely pale.

A somewhat rare but not unheard of subspecies. They have iridescent scales that are smaller, softer, and smoother than normal HiveWing scales, and can be all the colors of the rainbow. They somewhat resemble jewel wasps or brightly-colored beetles. They often have multicolor gradients, such as purple to red or blue to green. They still have black markings on their scales. Their eyes are always green. The difference is purely aesthetic, except for the fact that their scales can be pierced more easily but are more flexible. Iridescent HiveWings are thought to have originated from interbreeding with SilkWings a long time ago. Despite this, they are revered in HiveWing society and treated like celebrities. Iridescent HiveWings usually are named after brightly-colored bugs, such as Jewel (jewel wasp) or Golden (golden tortoise beetle).

This subspecies was created by MorphoTheRainWing, but you don't need permission to create one as long as you credit Morpho for the original idea.

Eggs are laid in water, and these HiveWings can be brown, and regular colors are pale. They can float on water, and they have 1 or 2 of the original powers. They have wings that help them float, and webbed talons to swim. Lightweight to float on water, and eggs can survive in water. Can hold breath for about 30 minutes.

Subspecies created by SkyFireStone. You don't need to ask for one, but you MUST give credit to me for the original idea.