A brief overview of the SwiftWings past. 


In the times of the Scorching, the SwiftWings, lead by their queen Nike, were in an alliance with the SkyWings. They were an unbeatable duo. After the Scorching was won, the team started to drift apart. But they still keep a great respect for each other and often treat each other as old friends.


After the Scorching, the SwiftWings were in a short period of poverty. They sought help from the Northern RainWings, whom they eventually made an alliance with. 

SandWing War

When the SandWing War began, Queen Sunray refused to participate. Instead she gathered all of her people and travelled to Rocky Island, where they held refuge for the next twenty years. 

Journey to Pyrrhia

Once the war was over, the SwiftWings prepared to return to their original home. Queen Sunray had died and left Starbolt as the new queen. Once they were back, they fought a short war with the MudWings to take back the territory they lost while they were at Rocky Island.

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