Hestia The MudWing.Yay :D

A typical MudWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Hestia's primary scales are a copper color while her secondary scales are a deep topaz color. She is fairly tall, but thinner than most MudWings. She has slightly larger claws and horns. Her eyes, for some reason, appear to be on fire.


Hestia is very caring and protective. Her motto is "Serve the good, beat the bad." She has a major thing for justice and acts as a judge, jury, and executioner. She dislikes fighting and often skips training drills. Hestia will take peaceful and unhostile actions before fighting. She is still not afraid to fight, though. Hestia also loves to write and draw.


She has below average fighting skills, but makes up for with tactics. Since she is an artist, she can conceal herself in not just mud but in other places by painting and using natural resources. She is a born leader,directing other MudWings into battle. She is a brilliant tactician, using various strategies to keep her men alive and deal devastating damage to the enemy.


She is actually blind, but her flaming eyes allow her to see livings things.

She is named after the Greek Goddess of the Hearth.
Fire eye

Hestia's eye

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