A picture of Heron. Drawn by Four-Seven-Niner.

Heron is a MudWing and one of Four-Seven-Niner's characters.

Please don't steal anything relating to this character, or the character itself.

A typical MudWing. Art by Joy Ang.


Heron is quite large for a dragon her age, standing a fair height above others of similar age. Her scales are a dark muddy brown, with veins of a coppery red and rust. Her wings are also quite large, having to be strong enough to lift her into the air. The webbing in between Heron's wings is two-toned, the undersides being a red-brown, while the tops are closer to the colour of mud. Her eyes are bronze in colour.


To be truthful, Heron isn't the brightest of all dragons, though, she can have her moments of briliance. Despite this, she can be fairly loyal and kind, except when someone is hiding something from her. She'd prefer to be told the truth instead of being lied to. 


  • Despite not being the smartest of MudWings, Heron is surprisingly good at telling when another dragon is lying. 

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