Hero was originally Luster's OC, I was given permission to adopt him. ^^


Hero is covered in inky black scales, dully glistening in bright light, with no coloured tint. He has a short stature, and poor posture. His back curves downwards too far so his backlegs are splayed out a little more than usual, so it hinders his already short height. Eyes are a deep, almost hypnotizing maroon. Speckles of green invade his irises. His underbelly's colour is a softer grey than his main scales, once again with no coloured tint or shine. His wings are wide, however have no sparkling white scales that have the appearance of stars. Rather strange for a Nightwing, this is because of a genetic defect, same with his slouched posture. Horns are white, short and thin, curving downwards slightly. Some of his scales flick upwards, giving it a look-like of spikes or spines. These scales are sharp and thin, mainly on the back of his neck, tail, muzzle and chin.


Hero is quite the opposite of what his name suggests. Cunningly resourceful and traitorous, he has his own agendas and won't make a hesitant glance back to whoever he must abandon in order to complete them. He's full of himself, often underestimating his opponents or friend's capabilities and skills. He's an excellent actor, prone to fake extreme emotions around the empathetic or cause the aggressive to rage and loose common sense. Prone to be conceited and insufferable around others, consistently putting them down.

Despite this, he's still capable of feeling actual emotion. Anger, fear, happiness, all the like. This is rather rare however, since he's isolated himself from most other people. While attempting to impress the one who he obsessed over, he broke himself in the process.


  • He can read minds
  • Hero has powerful back and leg muscles, as well as consistently used wings.
  • Quite capable of flight, nearly solely depending on it.
  • Despite his size he's actually a rather heavy dragon, able to crush animals or objects easier.


  • Dislikes writing.
  • His writing style is very informal and childish.
  • He doesn't care about Betta, despite what he says.
  • He's got anger issues.
  • Dislikes most royalty, quite untrusting towards them especially.
  • Has a cynical, sly voice.