Hera was born as a normal RainWing in the Southern Kingdom. She hatched and was taken care of by every RainWing in the village. She became the best at fruit-picking, but stunk at not getting tangled in vines. She is adventurous, and never stays in one place for long. So far, she's nearly been killed by a scavenger, eaten by a MudWing, and drowned by a SeaWing. Her mate is Ocelot.


Hera is usually aquamarine blue with blood-red coating the front of all four legs. She has gold wing membranes, a gold underbelly, talons and horns, and a gold frill. Her eyes are also gold. She has a purple spot above her snout and black stripes on her underbelly. She also has black spots in her wing membranes and black stripes along her back. Hera has a blood-red stripe around her neck. She wears a teardrop diamond an gold necklace.


Hera. Art by da Firefly.


Hera. Art by Solar.

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