Starfight by haytham kanway3-d5zufgw

My Drawing of a Nightwing. Don't mind the Starflight thing. ;P

This will be one of my RP Characters.

Haytham (Last name unknown)

Haytham is a typical NightWing, is middle aged, and is very wise. He is in multiple 'Mysterious Groups'. He is known for his witty nature. He has a son (unknown). Haytham used to work with the Talons Of Peace. It is said he works directly for queens, but it is unknown If he still does. He has deep blue eyes. His history is a mystery. He is said to be very accomplished for his age.



A typical NightWing. Art by Joy Ang.

Haytham is partially animus, but he can only do simple tricks and spells. His fire is a light blue color since he learned how to perfect  'Fire Breathing'. His scales are as thick as a MudWing's, since he has found out a way to increase their durability.

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