Grievous is my OC, do NOT use without permission. HeetHootSkyatAJ

Grievous Light Dragon


Background Information
Creator HeetHootSkyatAj
Main Attribute Peacekeeper
Elemental Attribute Light
Theme Animal Dragon
Theme Color Gray
Theme Song If We Only Learn: Pokemon 12th Movie
Character Information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Peacekeeper and Guardian
Tribe None
Goal type here
Residence Cave South of RainWing Forest
Relatives (Brother) Ghetsis

(Adopted Daughter) HeetHootSkyat

Allies Famlily, Noctowl
Enemies Unknown
Powers and abilities See Abilities Tab
Weapons See abilities Tab
Ships None
Quote "If we only learn to trust, then maybe peace could be better achieved."

"I am not a full hero, my life was manipulated under something far greater than me. Everything I knew, everyone I loved was taken away. I was left an empty shell. I named myself in forever pain."


Grievous is a short gray dragon with large wings which look slightly torn, his scales are thick and pop out rounded. His eyes glow yellow like, and he has a spiked tail. His talons are short and sharp, while his legs are somewhat stubby, but he makes it up for in length and weight. His underbelly is tan and has layered scales, which look normal to other dragon scales, but they are softer. Ghetsis is his related brother.

"I am not a monster, I may not look like a normal dragon, I only wish for those to stop judging on the outside..."


Grievous is mostly quiet to dragons he does not know personally, which makes him slightly shy. He is brave in dangerious situations, and can act as a leader in order to help others unite as one. Grievous has shown to be friendly but somewhat grouchy due to how dragons see him. He will mostly get along unless provoked. He shows a massive dislike for being called evil, or other dragons being called evil without reason.

"I am no normal looking dragon, but that dosen't mean I am not a dragon at all.."

Powers and abilities 

He is a burly and tough dragon, small in height but he makes up for in size and in strength. His scales are thick which are able to be strong enough against most dragon talon strikes and swipes. He can breath fire, as well as having his own talons. Grievous also has a small spiked tail, making him deadly and powerful in close quarters. His wings are slightly huge, but are not larger than a SkyWings. However due to his weight, he is slower than most dragons, but makes up for in power.


  • Grievous is based off of General Grievous from Star Wars.
  • Him and Ghetsis are only related through ancient powers from the original Light and Dark dragons, they are not true brothers.