Art by Joy Ang

Grain is a ten year old SandWing whose personality is based on mine.


Grain memorizes everything he reads. He prides himself on being the smartest, most logical, and most perceptive dragon he knows. In school, he excelled in music, learning to play the clarinet and the harmonica beautifully. He is also a brilliant actor, and was welcomed into the school drama club not long before the band. He loves practical jokes, and was left out in school partially for being untrustworthy, partially because he was a great target for bullies because of his being rather small, though he did grow up. Grain went home to a bad situation. His mother was weak willed, and his father physically abused both of them, giving Grain hundreds of scars on his underside, one or two a week when his father was feeling very violent. He shot his father with a speargun at a very young age. His sense of humor and love of mischief was developed as a biproduct of acting falsely confident, a defense mechanism he used to make other dragons think there was never anything wrong. He has no regard for his own life, safety of most others, or consequences of anything he does. Grain has romantic feelings for Frazil, without quite realizing why.


Grain is a little bit smarter and more perceptive than most dragons, but doesn't really advertise how smart he is. He is also a brilliant actor and musician, playing the clarinet and the harmonica. He has fire breath and a venomous tail like most SandWings. He is also a master prankster and loves to tell jokes, though some will tell him that his sense of humor is rather dry, and sometimes gets in the way of the seriousness of a situation. 


There are very few things that can make Grain be serious, none of which have been discovered. He had no regard for his own life or safety, or the safety of most others, and is always confident in himself. He has few friends and is extremely picky about them. He loves to eat and hates the cold, doesn't like dragons without a sense of humor, with the exception of Icepick. Having grown up in the southern part of the Kingdom of Sand, he has a southern accent.


Grain is a typical SandWing. There is nothing remarkable about his appearance other than the hundreds of scars on his underbelly. He walks with his wings folded down to hide them, and carries a bag around his neck containing his treasure and harmonica.