Goth is a male BatWing and one of Stuffed's OC's.

He is in the fanfiction Eternally Forever as one of the main protagonists.

In the eighth chapter of the fanfiction Eternally Forever, Goth is hunting a mountain goat when his sister, Frieda, comes up and scares the mountain goat away. Frieda suggests they play a game so they go up to the top of a mountain and jump off without their wings spread, and when they were about to hit the ground, they opened there wings as if they were parachutes. Then Frieda asked to get on his back and they rode around for awhile until Goth heard a scream (which is later revealed to be his mother's scream) and he tells Frieda to get off. They fly down to the caves and look around until they reach their own cave.They find their mother crying over the body of their dead father.