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goose is Oppppppppppppppp


Goose was found in the middle of nowhere when he was two and a half years old. He was taken to the RainWing tribe soon after that. They were suspicious of him because he could do RainWing things, but he had a barb on the tip of his tail. He was very strong and independent for being alone for the first two years of his life. Goose knew how to hunt, hide, and fly. Also he was way stronger than the other dragons his age and was faster than them too. As he started to warm up to the tribe, he found the humor in him. Recently he saved a dying swan near a river who soon became his best friend. Goose named him Hammy. Goose is now learning how to read and how to use more of his powers. He still has no friends

Hammy the swan

Hammy lived with his mom until she got squished by A boulder. He lived a pretty scary life until he got attackers my a dragon. Hammy was being too over dramatic, soon the dragon got sooo annoyed that he dropped him. Hammy was still being dramatic and managed to land into a lake. STILL being dramatic, a dragon happened to be nearby, the dragon too, Hammy to his tribe where he got fed and taken care of by a weird dragon (Goose) Hammy was really thankful and decided to be Goose's friend. Now Hammy lives a life full of adventures. Hammy'S favorite thing to do is to randomly be mad at Goose.(which Goose hates) Hammy loves food. Like, a lot.


Goose is a RainWing/SandWing. He has the poisonous barb on his tail, he also has venomous fangs, (not as powerful as barbed tail) His comforting color is either orange or brown. Goose has a Canadian goose looking head.


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