This OC was created by Lightseeker GameWing! Don't steal her!

Now this OC belongs to Saburra-the-SandWing via adoption! Again, do not steal



Goldeneyes has large, golden eyes and black scales. The constellations on her wings are Draco and the Big Dipper.


Goldeneyes is very quiet and withdrawn. She likes to draw and is good at fiction writing. She also likes plants and flowers. However upon gaining friends, she opens up and may even be fun-loving.

Because she is fun-loving and hyper once dragons get to know her, this may start becoming annoying. However, calling her "annoying" will not affect her as much, but she will be upset for a few minutes.

Goldeneyes especially love tinkering with and looking atthings due to curiousity. It is not common for her to peer intensely at treasure or even a strange animal. Sometimes this can lead to hoarding, and sometimes even greed.


Goldeneyes was hatched in 7007 A.S. to one mind reading NightWing and a normal NightWing. Her parents both held the recessive gene for yellow eyes, so she got those. However, her eyes are more golden than yellow.

As a dragonet, Goldeneyes went to a normal NightWing school and was educated there. At first, she didn’t have much friends due to being shy. However, a mindreading NightWing named Seethrough was able to see that she was more than she seems. Because of that, the two became friends and got to know each other. 

Goldeneyes took a fascination in plants and flowers, and joined the school’s gardening club. There, she studied and worked harder than other NightWings. 

By 7013 A.S., she joined Rising Wings Academy and went into the Ruby Wings group. She heard about the academy when Seethrough stated she’ll be going along. Even though the two NightWings are in different groups, they continue to keep in touch with each other,

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