Gleam is a female IceWing and one of CreeperBOOM's OCs. 

Appearance and Personality

Gleam has silver scales with white underscales.

She is quick-witted and clever. She can easily fool or deceive pretty much anyone, and can be sarcastic. She's positive and gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. 


Gleam was stolen from the hatchery as an egg by a NightWing. When she hatched she was forced to work as a slave for the NightWing Queen, and because of this, she holds a grudge against them. She protected her younger brother through the entire year, and when the IceWings invaded he was brutally murdered. Gleam still blames herself. She returned to the Ice Kingdom, and five years later she met her current best friends, and left with them to start anew, away from the war.


Currently Gleam is traveling Pyrrhia with her friends Rush, a MudWing, and Jellyfish, a SeaWing. They've been captured numerous times, by Queen Scarlet and Blaze, to name a few. Gleam feels guilt about leaving her tribe behind, but she would rather leave her own kind than have to fight in a foolish war. 

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