About Gishail

Gishail is a protector of the SkyWing dragonet of destiny, as well as her siblings. She is protective as well as fierce. She knows all the types of berries and herbs and is a master of stealth. She and her brother Marsh were sent to protect the dragonets egg thought to be smashed. She doesn't like lightning. Her favorite food is strawberries, but has never tried meat since she has no sense of smell to catch prey.


Gishail had to grow up away from her tribe to not be noticed, even if she was a hybrid. Six years ago while she was protecting Glory's egg she lost it by Webs stealing it. Her egg as well as the siblings eggs mature rapidly, at the same rate as scavengers. She then met Silverwind. Silverwind is a StarWing as well as the queen of her tribe. She predicted that the IceWing sent to deliver the SkyWing dragonet would lose it, so they switched the eggs. Gishail helped raised Copper and Goldie along with her best friend Scorpion, the lost heir to the SandWing throne.


Given to her by StarWing spirits she has the ability to make her scales glow from any range from a faint glow to the same brightness as an average SeaWings. She also has fire, since her father is a MudWing. Her venom is as weak as a dragonets venom and doesn't regularly work. Due to her abilities she has no sense of smell.