Ghoul is a DeathWing assassin and is part of the DeathWing Uprising. She takes orders only from her commanders and queen and rarely fails to kill her target.


Ghoul's scales are a dark grey and like most DeathWings, you can see her skeleton through them. She is very tall and skinny, her body much like the bones within them.

Her eyes, like all Deathwings, are red for the most part, although she does have yellow pupils. She wears a dragon skull on her head and a bird skull necklace around her neck. When ready for combat, she keeps her weapons in a kind of belt, with no buckle, and wears armor made from bones she scavenged.


Ghoul is very apathetic and rarely feels remorse for those she has hurt and killed, with a hit and run tactic. She will often corner those she hunts, quickly dispatching them with a blade or bite to the neck, before flying off.

Despite her general lackluster attitude, she is very easy to anger and will sometimes descent into mindless rage if angered enough. Any topic concerning parenthood is especially infuriating for Ghoul.

Ghoul has a secret fondness for scrolls, especially of the fantasy genre. This is a secret to many

She feels the other tribes are inferior to the DeathWings and seeks to redeem herself in the eyes of her leaders, after her parents tried to betray the Deathwing Kingdom, and were hunted down.