Background information
Creator User: HeetHootSkyatAJ
Main Attribute Darkness
Elemental Attribute Darkness
Theme Color Black and Red
Theme Animal Dragon
Theme Song Monster by Skillet
Character information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Occupation Controlling the dark balance
Tribe None
Goal To keep his powers under control
Residence A cave north of the SeaWing territory.
Relatives Grievous
Allies (Brother) Grievous
Enemies Unknown
Powers and abilities See abilities tab.
Weapons See abilities tab.
Quote I am the monster in the night.


Ghetsis is a dark dragon, seeking to completely control his powers He is quick to judge and has a quick temper. He is relentless in his decision making, so he may seem rash. He is also mentally unstable, he is not fully insane, but having the quick temper makes him unpredictable in how Ghetsis will react in certain situations.

"I am not easily a friend, I do not care to make any."

Powers and abilities

Ghetsis has dark power within him, however he will not use it as it is too dangerious. He only seeks to control and regulate his power. His scales are thin and light, so Ghetsis is a threat in high speed chases, and he has excellent hearing and eyesight. He has multiple scars across his legs and arms, due to previous fights. His talons are sharp and small, and he looks like a tall dark SkyWing, but he is not one. His red eyes do glow, making him easily visible and noticeable. His wings are massive, so his flying speed is greatly boosted. Ghetsis also has the ability to breath fire, as well as tolerate some pain.

"Grievous, do take care in this world, some dragons may not understand the power yet."
~Ghetsis to Grievous

  • Ghetsis is based off of Ghetsis Harmonia from Pokemon.
  • Him and Grievous are only related through ancient dragon powers, they are not true brothers.

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