Gemira is a female GeodeWing and a very worthy opponent, as she is an animus. She is HawkEyeRed2's OC and CANNOT BE COPIED OR ELSE YOU WILL BE BANNED!!!


Gemira is an animus. She can curse and she, like Coryza, can sweet-talk her opponents. Her only colors are pink, purple, blue, and yellow. Gemira is not mean, but other dragons are afraid of her if she is angered. She can command other GeodeWings to fight for her, but she never forces hurt dragons to attack or be attacked. She loves to eat honey and meat, which gives her a strange glow. Approved by Stargazer, Gemira is the princess of the GeodeWings, but she refuses to wear jewelry and crowns for her own reason (lol).


She was killed by Koi and was raised back from the dead by Sealight, who made her too powerful, practically a Mary Sue, but not invincible. Her geodes were bigger, her horns were sharper, and her talons became deadly. Gemira is famous and popular with the GeodeWings. She is friends with Dyamond and Coryza.