Gatling is a 10 year-old SandWing.  


Gatling is purely cruel and is constantly making death threats. He is feared and doesn't mind being seen as a antagonist. Gatling is extremely hostile and violent. He often speaks with a sharp tongue, therefore can accidentally insult. Gatling feels absolutely no sympathy and was trained by Blister (and possibly Burn) to feel no emotion about targets.

However, Gatling is very good with respect, but it's extremely hard gaining it. Gatling despises anyone on Blaze's side. He'll kill any IceWings and SandWings on her side that are around.


Gatling has sandy grey eyes, almost black with a strange platinum sheen. His main scales are a very pale gold. Gatling's underscales are very rough looking and a extremely light gold. He carries around two pronged knives in a shoulder bag.