Garden is a 6 year old female CunningWings.


She's kind, caring, and cunning. She is a CunningWing spy for the RainWings and SandWings, seeing if they are going to destroy their land. For this, she is very cunning like a regular CunningWing. She is quick to think, and is mostly right. She has never fallen in love, and is really not looking forward to it. She is very willing to help anyone, and loves the feeling of doing something right. She is sometimes called evil for spying, but is really just trying to protect her fellow CunningWings. She is wary of new dragons, CunningWing or not. Garden loves flowers. She was named after she wandered into a garden, and came back several hours later.


Her eyes are electric blue and her scales are a light brown. She has a scar on her eye she earned from a SandWing, and she has ivory horns. Her wing membranes are almost invisible, being a very light brown. She is very skinny.


Her egg was stolen by the SandWings, planning to kill it. A SandWing accomplished striking the egg, and hit her in her eye, luckily, she survived. A very caring SandWing snuck out one night, and poured cactus juice on her, and was safe from the venom. After that night, in the morning, the CunningWings stole her back. The caring SandWing said she had healed the baby Garden, and was spared, given a few gold coins and jewels. When they got back to their territory, the CunningWing had got lost in a garden. Her parents frantically went back to the SandWing Kingdom, when they came back, they saw a very young Garden holding a bouqet of flowers for them. Garden's name, originally Miracle, was changed to Garden. When she was four, she wandered into RainWing territory, queen Dazzling kept her, one night, when Dazzling was sleeping, Garden escaped, Dazzling didn't notice this. Garden shortly was trained to be a spy.